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24/7 Service

All cranes are prepared according to NEN 13852-2 for offshore use, with optional Manriding outfitting. 

We provide a full Offshore Service Package:

  • Offshore service 24/7
  • Outfitting according to EN 13852-2
  • Offshore load charts / Load moment indicator (LMI)
  • Constant Tension (CT) and Active Heave Compensation (AHC) options
  • Knock for Knock insurance
  • Risk analysis / method statement
  • Lift plans and consult
  • Stage 3 offshore crane drivers
  • Acceptance by warranty surveyor / clients
  • Contingency plan to cover crane breakdown, reducing downtime to a minimum
  • Crane are Inspected and Tested before use on board by TUV, AIB vincotte , RINA or similar
  • We have track record with LOLER/PUWER




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