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The Netherlands


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Supplier, sales/rental, and storage of equipment

Supplier, sales/rental, and storage of equipment: Used in offshore exploration such as cranes, winches.

A large area of ​​over 100,000 square meters for storage , construction , temporary offices and workshops.

We have a large number of materials for rent or purchase, make an enquiry!

These are mostly cranes, heavy equipment, crawlers, grabs, hydraulic and electric winches, umbilicals etc

The qualifications that have made us a reliable, cost-efficient player in the commercial shipping industry, are just what today’s offshore clients expect from a service partner. Our yard is easily accessible and we have the water and the depth to accommodate large offshore vessels, dredgers and platforms. In our work, we combine the advantages of the typical Amsterdam ‘can-do’ attitude with the health and safety standards the offshore industry requires.

Our communication lines are short, the owner is personally involved in most major projects, and – once negotiated – a deal is always a deal. Both our network and reputation in the offshore industry are growing, as more and more vessels find their way to our yard. For scheduled repair and maintenance, but also to be outfitted and made ready for delivery.

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